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Our Services

Sometimes you don't know where to start or how to fix things.

Need a hand to create your entire localization program from scratch? Or do you have a process that is not working and needs fixing? We can help you get your localization program back on track. Let's work together to find the best strategy, processes and tools for you and your team.Typical scenarios include:Define and implement a tailor-made localization workflow that results in cross-functional and operational excellence and improves your time-to-market.Set a translation quality framework so you can assess the service level you are getting from your providers.Identify and implement a translation management system (TMS) that automates and simplify your processes and makes you more efficient.

Sometimes you need an extra hand or you might not even know you need one.

Managing a localization program is very time-consuming and can drammatically slow down your time-to-market and your global growth if not managed properly. So if you don't have the time or you feel you are missing the relevant skills, we can do it for you while you work on a long-term solution.Alternatively, we can help you stay focused on tasks requiring your most immediate attention, while we look after more specific areas such us:Manage vendors & agencies
We can select the agencies that best adapt to your specific needs and manage all communications for you.
Recruit team members
We can find the perfect candidates for your team: project managers, translators, language leads.

Global Marketing & Transcreation
Sometimes you need help to find that local touch to make your global content thrive.

Localizing marketing materials is probably one of the most challenging areas of your global marketing strategy. Your copy will probably require multiple adaptations to make sure it works well internationally and, at the same time, you avoid potential localization pitfalls.And it is not just about transcreation. Pictures, messaging, colors will also have to be included in the localization process and adapted as required.Though we understand it is critical your corporate marketing copy sounds with one single voice, it is equally critical you allow that voice to have multiple local accents if you want to succeed in your international growth.

We believe in localization as one of the cornerstones of successful global growth.And we'd love to help you succeed.

"Mensatio defined from scratch a translation management workflow for Marketing Campaigns across 20+ countries and languages which ensured not only a smooth and timely process but also consistent language quality in a complex environment of multiple vendors and internal stakeholders."Ina K., Head of Content Transformation, SAP

"I can say without reservation that he's one of the leading players in enterprise-scale localization. He singlehandedly built the localization process from the ground up, seamlessly managing translators, agencies, tools, and technology. "Wil McLean, Sr Content Marketing Manager, DocuSign

Who's Behind mensatio

The main person behind mensatio is Julio Leal, a localization enthusiast and ambassador who has been helping corporations create, develop and execute localization strategies for more than 15 years. He speaks Spanish, English and German and is currently based in Spain.

He started his career as an inhouse translator at RWS, and then worked as a localization project manager at Lionbridge, where he gained extensive experience in the localization industry. Since then he has been defining, implementing and running translation and localization programs for multiple corporations in different verticals: tech giant SAP, online retailer Wayfair, French fintech unicorn Spendesk and US-based telecommunications supplier Ciena.

Julio Leal holds a Masters Degree in Translation Studies, and in parallel with his work, he went on to obtain a degree in Web Globalization Management from Saint Louis University, a degree in Global Marketing from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, an MBA and an executive program in Digital Team Management from IESE. He also holds a certification in Data Analytics from Google.

Additionally he contributes frequently to industry publications and speaks at localization events.You can see his full Linkedin profile here.

Some podcasts, presentations and publications
so you can get to know me a bit better.

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I am always happy to participate in industry events and give corporate presentations to show the value that localization can bring to organizations.

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